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Using a letting agent to find and rent a home

Rental Home Search and Relocation Service

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Relocation, Home Search and Rental Property Sourcing. We provide a rental property search service in Berlin. We find rental properteis for busy people that dont have time to find a rental property. If you are renting on a temporary basis whilst searching for a property to buy please note we also provide a buying service. © sborisov – Fotolia

Moving house or relocating to Berlin? If you want to rent a flat or a house, you may have to do this through a letting agent. More than half of all private tenancies (international tenants) in Berlin involve a letting agent. The key to a good settlement is to find & rent the perfect flat in Berlin to live in. Searching for a rental property can be a nightmare. Whether it’s an relocation or you’re just moving house locally, BlueGreen rental home search and relocation service can assist you to relocate. Our relocation and rental home search service guarantees to save you time.

Rent a flat in Berlin – To-do list – moving to Berlin

What documents are necessary when trying to rent an apartment

Renting a place in Germany / Berlin House and flat hunting estate agent

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Need help with finding rental property? The Berlin rental market moves quickly. Executive relocation services to help you relocate to & from Berlin, stress-free, local relocation agents in Berlin make relocating easy. As part of our home search service, your relocation agent will work with you to help find the perfect rental property and manage your entire relocation and home search requirements. © SeanPavonePhoto – Fotolia

It’s important to bring the necessary documents to increase your chances of securing your desired house or apartment. Even if we bring all the documentation required, it’s no guarantee we will find a »cheap« place super quick since the market is so crowded.

In Berlin, prospective landlords require you to submit the following: a copy of your passport; a letter from your HR department confirming your income and your full-time open-ended contract details; copies of your last three pay slips; a copy of your most recent bank statement; a letter from German background-screening company SCHUFA; a letter from your current landlord confirming that you have no rent arrears; an income tax statement in case you work as a freelancer. Read More

Whether you are relocating locally, interstate or overseas, Berlin’s rental market is a nightmare to many and increasingly difficult. The era of cheap renting in Berlin is, let’s face it, pretty much over. The amount of affordable apartments to rent has been going down Read More

Berlin has become a magnet for young creatives from all over the world, so Berlin’s growing population means it’s increasingly difficult to find affordable housing (because of rising rents and a growing lack of housing in the city). We have built great relationships with real estate agents which ensures that our clients have the best chance of finding the perfect rental property. We have successfully found new rental homes for our clients, from executives to families with a range of budgets.

Should you rent or buy in Berlin?

A city which has gathered interest over recent years and has now become one of the most popular destinations to invest abroad is Germany’s Berlin. House prices and rents have risen dramatically in Berlin in the last decade, with rents rising 40 percent between 2011–2016 and house prices rising 60 percent in the same period. There are no restrictions for expats looking to purchase a property, making it an attractive investment for many expats planning on staying three years or more – i.e. long enough to defray the purchase costs. Residential property is the easiest asset to sell (far more so than a hotel or a shop for example) and the most popular property type. A flat in a good district often sells as soon as it goes on the market.

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Our rental agency helps clients find apartments and houses for rent. Contact us today to find a home. We will search for you rental listings for houses, apartments, townhomes and condominiums in Berlin. © Artur Marciniec – Fotolia

Local Relocation Assistance

Have you ever experienced this before? Your lease is up and you need to move house, but you cannot find anything and when you attend open for inspections, there’s you and 30 other hopefuls there. Or perhaps you just don’t have the time to trawl the internet, sifting through the hundreds of properties to find the one for you. Some of our clients are moving to Berlin to start a new job and just don’t have the time to look for rental accommodation. If this sounds like you, our local relocation service can assist you.

Estate agent commission

The estate agent’s commission fee is usually payable when you enter into an agreement to let the property. This charge can be as high as 2 x Kaltmiete, plus USt (VAT) at 19% – so 2.38 x the Kaltmiete (net rent).

If you need our support, contact us by email form and describe your situation (e.g. place to live in Berlin, which area of the city is most suitable for your needs, how much rent you can afford per month). You will first sign an agency agreement, giving the buyer agent / property finder authority to effectively act as the buyer / tenant on your behalf – i.e. authority to legally act as your agent. We only get paid if we’re successful.